Professor George Mather
Visual motion processing, perception of visual art.
Dr Lesley Allinson
Vision, attention and cognitive development.
Dr Patrick Bourke
The neurological basis of visual spatial attention.
Dr Susan Chipchase
The influence of emotion on cognition.
Dr Simon Durrant
Sleep and cognition, neuroscientific approaches to music.
Dr Paul Goddard
Visual perception.
Dr Kun Guo
Inferential processes in vision.
Prof Tim Hodgson
Functions of the frontal cortex, control of eye movements.
Dr John Hudson
Perception of neuropsychological conditions, control in cognition.
Dr Kirsty Miller
Motor control, handedness, utilisation of sensory information to control action.
Dr Kyla Pennington
Gene-environment interactions, their influence on biological and cognitive processes in the context of psychiatric illnesses.
Dr Petra Pollux
Interactions between attention, perception learning and action.
Dr John Slack
Syntactic theory, syntactic coding in neural networks.
Dr Garry Wilson
Language processing and inferential processes.

Postgraduates and research staff include:

  • Becky Sharman
  • Jonathan Waddington
  • Dan Wenman
  • Jessica Hodgson
  • Christopher Luke