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Dr Anjuli Barber

Cognition and emotion, dog-human interaction, visual perception, animal welfare.

Dr Patrick Bourke

The neurological basis of visual spatial attention.

Dr Susan Chipchase

The influence of emotion on cognition.

Dr Matt Craddock

Object recognition, somatosensation, neural oscillation

Dr Simon Durrant

Sleep and cognition, neuroscientific approaches to music.

Dr Julia Foecker

Neuroscience, attention, vision, event-related potentials, brain imaging, visual deprivation, video games, virtual reality.

Dr Paul Goddard

Visual perception.

Professor Kun Guo

Inferential processes in vision.

Professor Tim Hodgson

Functions of the frontal cortex, control of eye movements.

Dr John Hudson

Perception of neuropsychological conditions, control in cognition.

Dr Robin Kramer

Face processing

Dr Kirsty Miller

Motor control, handedness, utilisation of sensory information to control action.

Dr Louise O’Hare

Visual perception

Dr Andrea Pavan

Visual perception

Dr Kyla Pennington

Gene-environment interactions, their influence on biological and cognitive processes in the context of psychiatric illnesses.

Dr Petra Pollux

Interactions between attention, perception learning and action.

Dr Kay Ritchie

Facial perception

Professor Martin Tovee

Professor in Psychology

Dr Garry Wilson

Language processing and inferential processes.

Ms Catia Correia Caeiro

Animal cognition, communication, facial expressions.

Ms Federica Menchinelli

Teaching assistant

Miss Heather Shaw

CyberPsychology, Psychological Time, Psychological Research Methods.

Mr Marcus Harrington

Associate lecturer

Mr Filippo Ghin

Associate lecturer

Miss Kristel Klaus

Associate lecturer

Miss Flora Ioannidou

Associate lecturer

Mrs Gemma Ezard

Postgraduate Research Assistant


Dr Murat Ozger

Completed a PhD supervised by Frouke Hermens and Tim Hodgson

Dr Hettie Roebuck

Completed a PhD supervised by Patrick Bourke