Two new papers

PAC Members Kun Guo, Ferderica Menchinelli and Patrick Bourke, and former member Hettie Roebuck, are authors on two new papers accepted for publication: Xu J, Chen Y, Guo K, Wang J, Menchinelli F, Jiang C, Zhang C, Shao L (2017) What has been missed for real life driving? An inspirational thinking from human innate biases.…
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Book chapters

George Mather has written chapters in two recently published books. They are: Mather, G. (2017) Two-stroke apparent motion. In: Shapiro, A.G., & Todorovic, D. (Eds) “The Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions”. Oxford University Press.  and: Mather, G. (2017) Visual Perception. In New Scientist (Ed) “How Your Brain Works: Inside the Most Complicated Object in the Known…
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New website

  Welcome to the new-look Perception, Action and Cognition (PAC) website. Please make sure that if you have previously linked to us that you update your sites. There will be further updates and news in the forthcoming weeks.

Two talks in Australia by Kay Ritchie

Kay Ritchie gave a symposium talk about low quality images in face recognition at the SARMAC conference (Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition) in Sydney, New South Wales. She also spoke to the UFIG group (Unfamiliar Face Identification Group) about her work on improving face identification from CCTV images, also in Sydney.