Kyla pennington awarded funds for CANTABEclipse

Kyla Pennington has been awarded funds from the College of Social Science for a 6.5 year license for the Cambridge Automated Neuropsychological Test Battery (CANTABEclipse).  This software contains all 23 computerised cognitive tests provided by Cambridge Cognition as well as an emotion recognition task (  These tests are able to be used to test a large variance in cognitive ability and therefore it makes them suited for comparisons of high functioning and low functioning individuals across multiple domains.  Individual participant performance on sub-tests can also be compared against a large built in database of normative data, allowing single participant profiles of cognitive deficits to be determined.  The CANTAB battery will be available for potential use by all academic researchers within the School of Psychology and College of Science, please contact Kyla Pennington to arrange training/booking.